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A personal dictionary of sorts…

Ever wonder how sci-fi writers keep all of their fictional terms and events straight? Our solution was a glossary containing any terms, phrases, abbreviations, and events that do not currently exist in this context within the present day.

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A Virtual Age

Whether we love it or hate it, or hate to love it, we are undeniably in the Virtual Age. 2020 taught us a lot, but maybe the most significant of those is how beneficial technology and our virtual capabilities are.  In this moment, we’re all tired of Zoom meetings and working remotely, but the sheer…

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But Why, Though?

In the foreword of the most recent release of Ray Bradbury’s, Fahrenheit 451, Neil Gaiman touched on three different ways to talk about the world of not-yet: ‘What if…’, ‘If only…’, and ‘If this goes on…’.  Let’s dig deeper on that last one. Taking something that already is and speculating what might come of it…

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How Did We Get Here?

Once upon a time in a lonely studio apartment in LA, a fresh-faced dreamer sat staring at a blank screen. “Write about what you know,” they said… what do I know? I’m just a twenty-something holed up in a Koreatown apartment with no AC, a serious bug problem, and a kitchen sink that I swear…

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