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A sci- fi audio Drama

The year is 2050 and reality TV has surreptitiously become a form of societal control, a group of unknowing stars of an apocalyptic series must band together to escape the show with their lives.The year is 2050 and reality TV has surreptitiously become a form of societal control, a group of unknowing stars of an apocalyptic series must band together to escape the show with their lives.

What happens when the technology we rely on is used as a weapon against us?

The prevalence of technology in our lives is greater than ever and only growing more complex as we evolve. Even now, we freely digitize almost all that defines us for the sake of convenience; offering it up to servers and clouds without imagining for one second: could we ever keep anything only to ourselves?

The Story:

It’s 2050 and the world has become divided into those who surrender free will to technology for the sake of convenience, and those that don’t – they are the data hoarders. They store and preserve data outside of The Cloud storage, therefore, defying the Total Transparency Act. They are a menace to the state, preventing the world from complete reliance on technology.

The podcast follows the journey of Rebels: Greg (former law enforcement), Nadine (former military), Rex (local madman), best friends Brandie and Emma. Along the way they collect and lose others. In search of a way out and communication with the resistance.

Throughout their journey, an ominous force, aided and armed with the technology our heroes lack, watches them from a command center. It’s revealed that their leader, Miles, is puppeteering the rebels’ misadventure, and among them is his mole. The whole affair starts to feel like a rigged game because it is one. Greg, Nadine, and Rex are actually prisoners inside a broadcast, a twisted reality show The Domain, transmitted by the telecommunications company STRATUS to the world as not only entertainment for the masses but also warning against rebellion. The entire operation is funded by the largest parent company in the world, Overcast Industries.

When our survivors finally catch up with Stratus, all bets are off and the show is forced to take The Domain where it’s never gone before.

Comparable to:

Truman Show, The Hunger Games, Homecoming, The 100

Producer’s Statement:

We find ourselves constantly sharing our thoughts, moves, and locations through technology. We have intimate relationships with our personal devices and they are practically essential to our livelihoods working in media and entertainment.

Meanwhile, our industry is beholden to many leaders who freely abuse those beneath them for the sake of their production, story, or product, no matter the insult, injury, or worse. Not all, but many—and they are rewarded for it.

Southbridge explodes that dynamic into a world where the powerless attempt to take back that which they’ve surrendered, only to risk losing so much more.

The Future of Southbridge:

Southbridge being a complex dystopian sci-fi adventure is a concept that will only reach its full potential in a visual medium. The worlds of Homecoming, Battle Royale, and Westworld among many more were popularized by their visual predecessors, so like those, Southbridge’s ultimate fate should follow suit. Ultimately, Southbridge has great potential for intriguing and complex storylines that span over multiple seasons of television digging deeper into the lives of those who work behind the scenes and those who absorb the content is fuel for an encompassing series.


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