After an apocalyptic event, survivors struggle to make sense of their world while awaiting a rescue that may never come. They band together in hopes of discovering a community, but each step they take leads them into more danger. When things take a turn for the worst, they start to suspect that the deck has been deliberately stacked against them. 


Episode 5: The Broadcast Southbridge

There's excitement within the team, as they set out on a new adventure, but their travel screeches to a halt as a new discovery leads to more unanswered questions. A box, a radio, glasses, and secrets reinforce division within the group. Content Warnings: Moments of adult language, medical procedure, gun violence, and starvation. Discussion of police brutality, violence, and death. Southbridge Podcast was written and directed by Tiffany Murray Produced by Amy Kersten, Seth Kays, and Tiffany Murray Editing, Mixing, and Sound Design by Seth Kays Original Music by Katrina Zemrak Cast: Greg Reynolds- Danell Leyva Nadine Othello- Roni Geva Brandie Avis- Amy Kersten R.E.X.- Henry Haggard Captain Beyer- Shavanna Calder Miles Radnor- Peter Holden Lexi Davies- Maggie Gagliardi Ty Flemming- Davi Armanino Arthur- Seth Kays Announcer- Joy Donnell
  1. Episode 5: The Broadcast
  2. Episode 4: The Behemoth
  3. Episode 3: The Barricade
  4. Episode 2: The Breaker
  5. Episode 1: The Boom

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