A Virtual Age

Whether we love it or hate it, or hate to love it, we are undeniably in the Virtual Age. 2020 taught us a lot, but maybe the most significant of those is how beneficial technology and our virtual capabilities are. 

In this moment, we’re all tired of Zoom meetings and working remotely, but the sheer fact that we are able to do those things is utterly mind blowing. As quarantine progressed we became increasingly aware of how valuable our smart devices are. Which is eerily parallel to our main themes in Southbridge. While nearing the end of the writing process and beginning pre-production, we realized that we have this incredibly unique opportunity to bring something from the blank page to your ears without any of us once being physically face to face. 

This very thought is what kept us sane and pushing forward in an otherwise dark and despairing time like the Covid-19 pandemic and we are so grateful for tools like Zoom and Google Drive, without which we wouldn’t be able to create like we have. A unique feat in a strange time and we’re more excited than ever to share what we’ve been working on. More news coming soon! 

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