But Why, Though?

In the foreword of the most recent release of Ray Bradbury’s, Fahrenheit 451, Neil Gaiman touched on three different ways to talk about the world of not-yet: ‘What if…’, ‘If only…’, and ‘If this goes on…’

Let’s dig deeper on that last one. Taking something that already is and speculating what might come of it should things continue down the same path. It “takes an element of life today, something troubling, and asks what would happen if that thing, that one thing, became bigger, became all-pervasive, changed the way we thought and behaved… It’s a cautionary question, and it lets us explore cautionary worlds.” 

Like Fahrenheit 451, SOUTHBRIDGE takes us down an all-to-real rabbit hole of questioning “what if this goes on.” What if this goes on and we become so oblivious to how technology and media are affecting us, that we voluntarily allow it to control us never questioning its source or true intention?

The prevalence of technology in our lives is only going to become more prominent as our generations progress. What happens when the technology we rely on to function in our society is used as weapon against us?

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